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Customized Platform

All your benefits in one, easy to use platform right at your fingertips. All the important information you need explained so you can get the most of your benefits.

Top Tools

All the best websites, tips and guides – curated to walk you through using the healthcare system.

Healthcare Training

Whether its for yourself or your employees, our training guides show you the basics of how to use use healthcare, in a way that you’ve never seen before.

Employee Engagement

Healthcare issues are one of the top reasons why employees become unengaged. Trig reduces these issues for happier employees.


Need to see a doctor? We connect you with the best doctors, telehealth providers and symptom checkers in the business.

Step-By-Step Guides

Our guides show you how to do everything from finding a better doctor to selecting a treatment plan. And everything in between.

Mobile Friendly

All of our videos, guides and tools are optimized for you to research from home and on the go. Have your information with you at the doctor, and everywhere else. 

Process Driven

Our software is built with the user in mind. Whether you’re new to using healthcare or are actively engaged in your care, Trig grows with you. 


Information presented to you, the way you want it. Video, text and interactive guides show you how to solve your specific healthcare problem. 


Improve engagement with these a la carte options – Contact for Pricing

Custom Communications

Have other company innitiatives that you want to communicate? Leave that to us.

On-site Consultant

For clients that want to put their engagement plan on steroids, we can arrange for onsite visits with you and your employees.

Custom Tailored Training

Some clients have unique healthcare obstacles that they need to tackle. We build custom training modules to meet these needs.